We facilitate design and construction for the future. Our specialism comes into its own when building bespoke developments; our expertise is in delivering high quality buildings, in challenging environments, whilst maintaining tight production schedules and retaining our excellent health and safety record. We employ locally wherever possible, providing training to increase the skill set of the local workforce. This cooperative approach to construction ensures we adhere to our corporate social responsibility standards and helps us assist in a smooth transition for businesses setting up within South Africa.

Our construction services are tailored to help both multinational organisations and SMEs establish and grow their enterprises in South Africa. We’ve helped companies build a range of successful construction projects, enabling them to realise the potential of Africa. We also offer additional services – like sourcing the land for your development and providing comprehensive facilities management support.

• Basic Infrastructure Development
• Rural and Urban Township Infrastructure
• Refurbishments or Renovations, Alterations and Maintenance of Buildings and Structures.
• Paving and Kerbing
• Sewer, Water, Storm water Reticulation and Pipelaying.
• Building Platforms, Bridges, Walkways and Culverts.
• Road Construction and Maintenance.
• Landscaping, Earthworks and Land Retaining Structures.

o General Building Work: Setting Out, Levels, Brickwork, Plastering, Painting, Roofing, Fencing, Glazing, Plumbing, Paving, Carpentry, Steel Fixing, Formwork and Tilling.